Monday, January 31, 2011

Make It Monday -Nacho Recipe using Homemade Chips!


A couple of weeks ago I shared a yummy & easy idea for serving large crowds...nachos! In that post I shared a good recipe for Shredded Chicken as well. Today I want to share w/ you another Nachos recipe...this time using homemade chips!

You will need a package of flour tortillas. Each tortilla will make 4 nachos, so purchase accordingly. I know my kids will each eat 2-3 nachos and I can eat....8. Yeah...I said eight! They are too tasty!!

Anywho-first you fry 1 tortilla at a time in a little bit of oil in a pan. Fry each tortilla for just a few minutes on each side. Enough to harden it a little bit. Then drain it on a paper towel. After they are all cooked you will fold each tortilla in half, tear it, fold that half and tear it down the middle again. In other words, you're going to have 4 little "chips". Make sense?

Then, place the "chips" on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Put whatever topping you would like on your "chips". For some kids oyu may just put shredded Mexican cheese. My kids like it w/ taco meat (you can use leftover hamburger meat) and cheese. I personally like refried or black beans , sliced avocados, tomatoes, sliced black can top them w/ whatever floats your boat! Just don't forget the shredded Mexican or cheddar cheese on top. Pop them in the oven under the broiler for a few minutes to melt the cheese, and you are ready to eat! Watch them under that broiler though cuz they will burn quickly!

Disclaimer...I do not have the best camera in the world, nor am I a photographer. is my best shot of these little nachos as they came out of the oven....yumo!


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