Monday, January 17, 2011

Make It Monday - Nachos!


I have discovered a great, quick, easy meal to make when serving large crowds...Nachos! A friend of ours hosted our Small Group at church a couple of months ago and that's what we ate. It's been such a hit our family had it for New Year's Eve & we are serving them up tonight for about 25 friends. I'm not good about taking pics of my food. When I'm hungry I aint thinking about pictures, I'm thinking about eating! Here's the scoop on this easy meal to serve a crowd!

What you need: (This is a suggested list. You can edit this list according to what you and your crowd likes to eat.)

-Chips...and lots of them! We like to go to our fave Mexican restaurant and grab a few large bags of chips, salsa, and queso.
-Taco Meat. Cook about 1 pound or more depending on how many you are serving and flavor w/ taco seasoning. Easy!
-Chicken. For about 30 people I cooked 6 chicken breasts. I cleaned & trimmed the fat off the chicken. Brown them on each side for about 3 minutes in some oil in a pan. Drain on paper towels. Place them in a crockpot and cover w/ water. Put 1 1/2 packets of fajita seasoning in crockpot & stir. Cover w/ lid and cook for about 6 hours. Every couple of hours or so I'll stir them & shred them a little w/ the fork. Around the last hour I started to drain off some of the water by scooping it out w/ a cup. You don't want them to be soupy, but you don't want the chicken to burn either. By the end of the 6 hours you have a wonderful pot of shredded, flavorful, tender chicken!
-Sliced Black Olives
-Shredded Mexican Cheese (2 bags should be plenty.)
-Sour cream
-Black Beans
-Refried Beans
-Chopped Tomatoes
-Shredded Lettuce
-Various Mexican Dips

Mmmmm......Can't wait to eat tonight! Enjoy!! :)


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