Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday's Feature


If you are new to The Gift Closet I love to help out and promote other Mom-prenuers and Female Entrepreneurs! So, each Friday, at no cost to the company, I like to introduce you to a new company that has contacted me or that I came across myself.

My feature today is Art Gifted. This is a new site that is an art gift website which will donate half of its profits to projects for educating children in the it!!!

Aida is the 23 year old Entrepreneur behind this new venture.
The story behind Art Gifted:

"I am nothing but an art lover and a meaningful gift giver.I grew up with my father being a painter but I wasn’t lucky enough to inherit his talent. However,I always felt like art and gifts are of the best ways to express one’s feelings. I am still hoping that one day an eighth form of art will be discovered and I will prove to be talent in that. Until then, even since my father passed away, I started to cherish his glimpse of memories as reflected in his paintings and decided that one day I will be facilitating education in the arts for children. For the art loving and caring givers, ArtGifted is providing the talent one needs to wrap feelings into a
meaningful gift. For the children interested in the arts and the associations supporting them,
ArtGifted is providing learning opportunities by sponsoring programs that facilitate their education in the arts. By creating a community of artists and art lovers and matching the art works of the first group with the feelings of the second group."

Here is how it works:
1. A person interested in offering an art gift (buyer) gets to the website.
2. The buyer responds to some questions about the gift receiver, including what feeling is the
gift supposed to express and a range of prices that work for him/her. In this way an order is
3. Art Gifted receives the responses and contact the artist(s) that would be a good match for the project.
4. The artist either provides one of his/her previous artwork that expresses that
feeling or creates a new one, inspired by the responses provided by the buyer.
5. The artist ships the artwork to the buyer and receives the money for the delivered artwork.
6. Art Gifted receives 10% for each sale, half of which goes directly to projects made by art associations for educating children in the arts.

Click here to visit Art Gifted.

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Have a great weekend! :)


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