Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Feature-100 Days of Real Food


I love food. I just told my hubby last night, "When I grow up I want to do something in the food industry". Course, I'm "grown up", but this season of my life is dedicated to raising 3 blessings from God & taking care of my man.

I have to vent for a moment regarding food. I made a comment on my Facebook page yesterday that sparked a lot of emotion for people. If schools are so big into trying to promote healthier eating and lunches, then why are they also so busy trying to get our kids to buy ice cream all the time to raise money for the school?? And then turning around and telling my child they cant have an occasional piece of candy in their lunch?? That makes no sense at all. Money should not be the motivation for everything folks!! How about selling something healthy? What a double standard!

Alright, now that I'm done venting, I'd like to share a site w/ you that is all about healthy eating. It's called 100 Days of Real Food. A Mom started this blog to see if she could go 100 days w/ no processed food for her family. I gotta tell ya, I love this idea. But I have some of the pickiest eaters in my house. From my husband down to my kids. ~Sigh~ And trust me when I tell you I have tried EVERYTHING to get them to eat right, I mean everything. For 6 months I made my daughter go to bed w/o dinner if she didn't eat what we ate. I've tried hiding the veggies in other foods, which sometimes works. I've tried making cute things w/ the food. I've tried letting them help me cook it. But enough about my issues, let's talk about eating healthy! :)

I like that on this blog she also tries to do it on a budget. Being a single income family that really helps. So many people say it's too expensive to eat healthy! Wrong! My hubby was so excited last night cuz our whole family ate at Wendy's for $6 cuz kid's meals were 99 cents each. I told him, "You can't eat like this all the time! It's not healthy, I don't care how cheap it is." And you know what? After I eat nasty food like that, I just feel gross! Am I the only one that feels like that sometimes?

Just look at all this healthy food! Makes me want to go to a market right now!
Sautéed flounder, baked sweet potato, applesauce, and whole wheat biscuit....mmmmmm....

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to 100 Days of Real Food now and tell her I sent ya!

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