Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday - Saying Good Bye


Saying Good Bye

by guest blogger Emily Farmer

I can’t believe I have been writing for The Gift Closet for a little over a year now. God has used many life experiences along the way to show me many things. Some good and some not so good. I am truly thankful for them all. At this present time I feel I have been led to take a break from writing devotions. As a stay at home mom of 3 active boys ,school volunteer and church volunteer you can only imagine how full my plate is. I am feeling a little stressed right now. I have been reevaluating all the things I’m involved in for the past few months. And slowly I am stepping back from a few things. I will say I am only stepping back if I feel its what God wants me to do. You might ask well how do you know that's what you are suppose to do. I’m glad you ask. This is strictly me but, the way I know when it’s something that God wants me to do I have a peace about that decision. There is a verse that I stand on in times like these. That verse is
Ps. 128:1 “Blessed are all who fear the Lord,who walk in his ways.” This verse tells us a few things. One to respect/revere the Lord which means to fear and two,walk in his ways. When facing a difficult decision ask yourself these questions: What respects God the most? What reflects his ways? And there your answer will be. I have used this verse time and time again to make difficult decisions. I hope you can take this verse and use it as I have.

I will miss spending time with you each week and sharing my life experiences. I hope that through one of my devotions you have read God has showed you something you did not know before. May God bless each and every one of you who are faithful to The Gift Closet.

Grace and Peace,
Emily Farmer

We will miss your writings Emily & I appreciate all you have done for The Gift Closet. You truly have been a blessing!! {{Hugs}}


johnson said...

We will miss your writings Emily & I appreciate all you have done for The Gift Closet. You truly have been a blessing!

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