Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Feature


Sorry I'm so late on posting my feature today, but it has been one of those weeks. This Momma needs a break!! Anywho-I'd like to introduce you to Holly w/ The Picture Board today. The Picture Board is a unique & stylish way to display your favorite pictures. It features a simple slide-through railing system that allows for quick & easy picture arrangement. Just slide your pictures in—and within seconds you have the perfect picture display!

The Picture Board currently comes in three different sizes, holding anywhere from five to twenty-four 4x6 pictures. Its simple design allows you to change out pictures as often as you’d like, without the hassle of dealing with traditional frames. And with multiple options to choose from, it’s easy to get just the right look.

The inspiration behind The Picture Board:
"The inspiration for our business actually came from our son and my husband's mom. When our little boy was born, he spent his first few weeks in the NICU. During that time, we wished there was a way to easily display & change out all the pictures we took as we visited him in the hospital each day. About a year later my mother-in-law came to us and requested that my husband make some sort of picture board as a unique and fun way to display all her family pictures. This reminded us of our earlier desire for a nice picture display with an easy way to change out the pictures frequently. With those ideas in mind, and a few ideas we gathered from other displays, The Picture Board came about. After building the one for my mother-in-law, we loved how it turned out and made a few more for other family members and friends. We posted pictures of them on our personal blog, and we got such a good response that we decided to try to sell a few...and they've turned out to be more of a hit than we thought! We've been off to a great start so far, and we're already working on some other products to add to the mix. My husband loves to build, and I love to decorate, so this is the perfect little project for us to work on together!"

Want It? Picture Board is running a Mother's Day Special (up to 20% off medium boards). Here is a direct link to that special: They would also like to offer a 10% refund off Gift Closet reader's orders, valid Saturday through midnight. ( Type in "10% Gift Closet" in the 'instructions to merchant' section at checkout, and they'll refund you 10% through paypal.) Click here to shop!

P.S. Would you like to see your product reviewed & exposed to thousands of women this month? Contact me for the details. :) Have a great weekend!!


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