Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday by Emily Farmer


Is simplicity something you long for? Have you ever wondered how you might could simplify your life? I wonder that quite often myself. Today I want to offer you a few suggestions on how to do just that. These are not set in stone. These suggestions are just a few things I have been doing for awhile that has made my life a little simpler. As you know I am a busy taking caring of my three little active boys. On top of that are the daily routines, schedules and just life in general. You know what I am talking about.
Well a few years back I had to slow down and reevaluate my life. I found myself up tight all the time and even being well, lets just say a tiny bit harsh, to those I love dearly. So it sent me searching for answers. The answers to questions like. Where does all my time go? Why can't I get things accomplished today? Have I really lost touch with my husband, family and friends? The list goes on and on. So here are my suggestions to slow down and really pay attention to everyday hussle and bussle.
My suggestions....There is no particular order this is just the way they popped in my head to type.
  1. Make a to do list the night before you go to bed.
  2. Keep a calendar. Only one calendar it will make it less stressful. Find what works best for you, your phone, computer, personal size to carry with you or one on the refrigerator.
  3. Start your day by spending time with God each morning or at least sometime during the day.
  4. Ask God to reveal 3 things that's most important on your to do list.
  5. Make appointments with your husband. This might include a date night.
  6. Have coffee with a dear friend. You don't have to go anywhere invite her over to your house.
  7. Learn to say "NO". It's hard at the beginning but, once you start it will feel so rewarding. Your only one person and you can't do everything. You WILL burn yourself out.
  8. Stop and play with your children. They are only small once. "In a minute" can wait on you. Whatever "it" is "it" will still be there when you get back. If it's not it wasn't as important as you thought.
  9. Take a look at all the things you are involved in. Is all that stuff or clutter really necessary. Start purging!
  10. Pray about all big decisions. If you feel unnerved about it don't do it. Remember a red light. Red means "stop" this is the "I'm not sure I should do this or not" , you see nothing but(red flags) reasons why you shouldn't do this. Yellow means slow down and really think or "wait "a little longer. If you don't have peace about it don't do it just yet. It may not be God's perfect timing. Green means "Go" for it and give it your best.
I hope you will take the time sometime this week and look at your routines, daily schedule and all the things you are committed too and start making your life more simplified. You will be a much happier person and others will start to notice that.
"Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him to help you do it and he will."
Ps. 37:5 (TLB)
"And I delight to do your will, my God, for your law is written upon my heart."
Ps. 40:8
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Col. 3:23
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Carol said...

Heather, thanks for the good advice. It's so hard to get all the things done that we feel we need to do. It's good to give ourselves permission to not do things.
Stop by and visit me sometime!

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