Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts


I think just about everyone knows this Sunday is Mother's Day. I ordered some super cute Mother's Day cards on Shutterfly this year, and 3 were free w/ their current special. Check it out if you haven't already.

I got a really cute custom apron to review from Cafe Press, which would make a good Mother's Day gift as well. My hubby couldn't quite understand why I was so excited about an apron. I explained it's one of those things (along w/ jewelry & pedicures/manicures) that I don't really treat myself to, or wouldn't normally buy for myself. So this was a fun little treat for me!

You can find tons of unique and personalized gifts at CafePress – anything for anyone. They offer customized tee shirts, mugs, aprons, & much more!

What I liked about my Apron from Cafe Press:

1. It was fun to create it myself. They had several colors to choose from, many fonts, pictures you could put on it, etc. You can truly personalize it as you like. I chose a Navy apron w/ a Hot Pink "H" for Heather. ~wink~

2. It was a pretty quick turn around. I ordered it and had it within a week. I thought that was good since a lot of custom items take longer.

3. They have a huge variety of products to choose from.

4. Price points are good. The apron was only $20.

5. I wore it yesterday to make some Brownies & clean the kitchen. It was pretty comfy & covered my clothing quite well.

What I didn't like about my Apron:

1. Maybe I had it tied wrong, but the ties around my neck were pulling on my neck a little and I had to keep adjusting it. Otherwise, it was super cute!

Want It? Click here to visit Cafe Press & check out their great items for Mother's Day or graduation!

See you tomorrow for Tuesday's Tip!


Jessica said...

I agree with you about the apron - it's something that we don't take the time get for ourselves.

I asked for one for Christmas and I love mine too!

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