Saturday, October 25, 2008

Savin' on Saturday


Welcome to Savin' on Saturday! Each Saturday I have a sale @ The Gift Closet.
Before I announce my sale for the week, I would like to thank Sandra over at Mommies Gone Crazy for the great feature on the Gift Closet & my Soy Linen & Body Spray!
Also, be sure to check out Lil Peanut Patch and Posh Point of View as they are both giving away some of my Soy Whipped Body Butter!

This week's sale is on my Soy Linen & Body Spray. They normally are $5 each and until Tuesday 10/28/08 they are on sale at 4 for $15.00. So basically you buy 3 get 1 free. There are some great scents to choose from....Eternity by Calvin Klein, Plumeria, Chanel's Chance, and the list goes on. Click here to shop and have a great weekend!

And click below to shop with some great Female Entrepreneurs! Some of our latest additions are
The Spotted Box, Dragonfly Designs, & Aly Dots. See more here.....


Stephanie said...

I just got tagged & I just had to include you! Hope you can do this! Please go to the link below for all the details!

Jesica said...

Hi :)

I'm glad that Posh Point of View is doing a giveaway, because now I know you're here!

Great products!

tatertot374 said...

Such great finds! I love the plumeria. Thank you!

donna444444 said...

Thanks for advertising things from various Female Entrepreneurs.

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