Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's Feature-Chalk Talk Glass


Came across this fab idea and thought I'd share it w/ ya!

When we have large groups over I always have a sharpie next to the plastic cups. That way everyone can write their names on the cups since there are, I don't know, 40 matching red cups and no one remembers where they set theirs last. Well....Chalk Talk Glass has taken that to the next level!Throw out your wine charms - write on wipe off wine glasses make a great gift!

With Chalk Talk wine glasses ( you don't need wine charms for your next gathering - guests simply write their name on their glass with chalk. At the end of the party simply wipe off the chalk, wash the glasses (top rack in your dishwasher or by hand) and you're ready for the next party!

The inspiration behind Chalk Talk Glass:

"Chalk Talk Glass started with my sister Sharon and a simple DIY project for an upcoming cocktail party. The chalkboard wineglasses were an instant hit; everyone loved them and wanted to have some for their next party" says Trish Babb, co-owner. In January 2011 the two sisters officially launched and have been overwhelmed by the great response to their unique product.

Chalk Talk wine glasses feature several designs to accent the chalkboard area on each glass; including Grapes, seasonal designs (Holly Berries, Hearts, Shamrocks), and of course custom designs upon request. While their biggest seller is Simple Sally the design they are most proud of is the "Paws off" charity glasses which features dog paw prints. A portion of sales from this design are donated to a local dog rescue program."

Want It? Click here to visit Chalk Talk Glass. Gift Closet readers can enjoy 10% off their purchase at ChalkTalkGlass using coupon code: fan 10 at checkout. Cheers!

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