Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Tip~Fun Things to do Inside w/ the Kids!


We are having a snow/ice day here in Georgia. It's 11am and the kids are already bored! So...here are some fun things you can do if you're stuck in the house w/ kids:

1. Flashlight Tag! You'll need a dark room for this one. My kids love it! You shine the flashlight in different places on the wall or floor and they chase it. Too fun!
2. Board Games.
3. Card Games...Uno, Go Fish, War, etc.
4. Movie time! Bust out the popcorn, candy, etc. and enjoy some relaxing family time.
5. Make some hot chocolate and read a book to your child.
6. Crafts! You can do something as simple as cutting snowflakes out of white paper. You can also google all kinds of craft ideas online.
7. Bake cookies together.
8. Call a loved one & tell them you love them!
9. Get moving! Dance or exercise together.
10. And last but not least, if you're going stir crazy, bundle everyone up and get outside to play in the snow. :)
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