Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday


Get Away

by guest blogger Emily Farmer

This past weekend my man and I had a weekend get away. We got away from everything. Our boys, every day life ,computers, however I will admit I did use my cell phone to check email a time or two but only a time or two. It was a nice time away just the two of us. What a fun way to spend a nice weekend together. Mommy was off duty. Ahhh...... a little R&R time. Something about waking up on a chilly morning watching the sunrise while sipping coffee , rocking in a rocker on a porch is so peaceful to me. As I spent a good time reading my bible on the porch in that rocker here are a few things that jumped out at me.

I was reminded while reading in various places in scripture that God gives us wonderful mercy and rescues us many times. This struck me... hum.... how many times has God given me HIS mercy and rescue? Too many to count. I also read verses that I repeated back as prayers to God like, "Help me be devoted to you, have compassion on me, help me to listen and come to you when you call me or speak to me. "

There were even a few verses I prayed for my boys like, "Help them to share your word with others, be a shining light for others to see you and for them to grow and become strong in spirit." And most of all one of my favorite prayers to pray over them comes from Luke 2:40: "Let them grow up healthy and strong and be filled with wisdom, and God’s favor be on them." I love to pray that over each boy of mine and insert their name in it.


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