Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesdays' Tip-Preparing for Kindergarten


A few tips to prepare Moms & kids for Kindergarten.....
1. Start talking to your child about the big day ahead of time. Try to give them an idea of what their day will be like.
2. Attend any open house/meet the teacher events so your little one will see their classroom before the 1st day comes.
3. Let your child really explore the room, sit at a desk, locate the restrooms, etc.
4. Start stocking up on any snack items & pre-bagged stuff for lunches. Anytime our local grocery store had Buy 1 Get 1 on the pre-packaged snacks, I took advantage this summer.
5. Make a space by the door for backpacks, etc to hang.
6. Let your child take a very small toy or photo, anything to remind them Mom is thinking of them...even a little note from you...in their backpack.

Plan ahead for what you are going to do that 1st day. I hosted a Back-To-School Brunch the 1st day of school (yesterday). We had a great time & everyone got to comfort each other, meet new Moms, & talk about how the kids...and Moms...did! :) I still have a baby at home, but some day when all 3 kids are in school, I plan to head to the spa for a massage on the 1st day of school each year!

Hope these little tips help & if you have any please share in a comment here! :)

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