Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday by guest blogger Emily Farmer


Got 10 Minutes?

God is waiting for you to visit HIM. Awhile back many years ago I was taught about a 10 minute prayer time. It went something like this... spend 2 minutes in each of these areas ~reading a verse or passage from the Bible, meditating (on what you just read), seeking(listening for God to speak to you), giving thanks (for all the things God has done) and praying your request. If you're someone who doesn’t sit at the feet of Jesus often this might be something to try for say a week or so. See how it goes. You might find you are sitting longer than 10 minutes engaging with God.

I encourage you set aside time each day this week. May I suggest you read and meditate on Psalms 25. You might even want to journal a thought or two. That’s really the best way to start ,read a verse, then journal a thought about what it says to you. Then maybe journal a thought that just pops in your head. You might be surprised that those thoughts are coming from God and that’s him speaking to you.

Try it and leave a comment on how it goes.


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