Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cross-Eyed Sisters


If you've been reading The Gift Closet for a while then you know me by now. I love to surf blogs and find unique gift items & feature Mom-preneurs here! So in one of my surfings a few weeks ago I came across the cutest little blog called Cross-Eyed Sisters.

Cross-Eyed Sisters was started by Lindsay & Claire in 2010. They always desired to have a business doing something they were passionate about. They absolutely love working with their customers to design the perfect cross for their home or office. Cross-Eyed Sisters can customize any size, shape or color. These are passionate women who are eager to work with you. Please feel free to email them for any questions or comments you have. Their easy-to-use online order form can be accessed on the website.
They also are taking orders for Christmas gifts. Cross-Eyed Sisters can customize festive Christmas crosses, too! Pictures soon to come on the website, but the special paper includes Santa Clause, Red Snowflakes, Ice Snowflakes or Christmas Trees. All of which have a vintage look with muted reds, greens, golds, tans, and blues. They would make awesome Christmas gifts for friends & family.

Want It? Cross-Eyed Sisters would also like to offer a 20% discount to The Gift Closet readers! Woo-hoo!!


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