Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's Feature


One of the early blogging buddies I found was Leah, from BookieBoo. Bookieboo is a fitness site for Moms. I love fitness so that was right up my alley. Leah has ventured out and also started a site called Mamavation. Mamavation is also geared towards helping women find a healhtier lifestyle. Love that!!

Here is the inspiration behind Mamavation:
"Mamavation was created as a way for me to combat obesity in families. Obesity is learned in the family unit. We know that now. Very little of it is actually heredity. So if your parents are overweight or obese, you are very likely to suffer the same fate. Because the mom is the gatekeeper to the family, it's only through her that real change can be created. She controls the pocketbook and the family calendar. She has the power to make changes within the family unit and change the lives of her children. After my own weight loss, and going from a size 22 to a size 6, I wanted to give back and share my knowledge and passion for healthy living. Thus I created a campaign boot camp that helped moms create a healthy lifestyle in 7 short weeks. Those moms are referred to as the Mamavation Moms. So far the Mamavation Moms have lost over 111 lbs. collectively in the campaign. We have had some fantastic results. In fact, Alyssa Becthold (@alyssabecthold) has lost 74 lbs. so far after going through the program last November. Another part of the Mamavation campaign is the Sistahood. The Mamavation Sistahood is a healthy living sorority in social media. And it's a real sorority. You have to pledge to get in. Sistas create Mamavation Monday posts and update each other on how they are doing learning healthy living. That process is slow and gradual, but each Sista benefits from the love and support they get from each other. I'm starting up Mamavation campaign #5 very soon and will be accepting applications for Mamavation Moms on June 21st. After applications are submitted, I choose 5 finalists that go up for a vote of the people and announce the new Mamavation Moms during a twitter party on July 12th. Here is the application link with details, "
Leah before:

And after with her family!

You go girl!!!
Be sure to check out her sites and get started on your healthy lifestyle today! :)


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