Friday, June 11, 2010

Computer Problems...ack!


I haven't heard back from the company that was to be featured today. Add to that the 6 plus hours this week I have spent trying to sort out email/virus/computer problems & I am one frustrated Mama!! Lost my entire address book & now it appears as though all the wonderful sites I have bookmarked for the past several years are gone. ~~Sigh~~ Hopefully I can get this sorted out over the weekend & be back Monday w/ a fabulous post for ya. Have a good weekend & wish me luck in fixing this darn thing! :)


Krystyn said...

Good luck, H. I hope you get it figured out.

Jessica Rae said...

I am SO sorry to hear that this happened, that always feels horrible. I use Foxmarks so that my bookmarks are always saved to an external sever and with a password I can access them from anywhere - look into that! And I've had your page bookmarked for like, a year? And this is still one of my first actual comments here. Shame on me.

I'm no compy guru, but can you try restoring your comp to an earlier time?

april said...

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog a few weeks back & taking time to comment on a post!
I really appreciate all the feedback I can get!
So glad I found your site - can't wait to take a long look around!!
Hope you're computer is healed soon ;)

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