Monday, May 17, 2010

Re-Decorating Your Home


I'm not one to want to change my house around a lot, but beware, cuz blog hopping can get a girl to thinkin'! I have seen some super creative ladies do some fabulous re-decorating jobs. I wanted to share a few I have come across. Some I've had bookmarked for quite a while. In the event that some day, I might actually take some of these ideas on myself. A girl can dream, right? ~wink~

I love a Shabby Chic bathroom & would love to have a vanity like this! I found this and other bathroom vanities over at Just Vanities.

Would you believe I've had this bookmarked since 2008? Yup, I sure do love this one. I have white cabinets in my kitchen. I think would be a nightmare to change the color. Also, I heard white cabinets never go out of style, so I'm off the hook for that one. I just love the fresh, clean look of this kitchen that I found over at Holly Doodle Designs.I am drooling over this vintage stove!!

Another I had saved for a long time is the kitchen makeover I found at Tom Kat Studio blog.
She went from this....

To this....

Why can't I be that talented...and patient? You know something like that has to take tons of time & patience! Gorgeous!

Well, enough of my daydreaming. Back to changing diapers, wiping noses, and listening to the non-stop chatter of an inquisitive little 4 year old boy. :)

So, tell me, if you could make over one room in your house, which would it be? Or, if you've posted about a makeover, do share!


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