Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Feature


My feature today is Melissa Here you will find aprons, notebook keepers, baby gear, and more!Is this adorable or what?

The inspiration behind
"I would love to say I had some amazing story in regards to starting this venture. I don't. I would love to say I had a "hard time" finding aprons for all ages. I really didn't. You can do a search online for 'handmade apron' and find thousands to purchase/order. What I can say is that I wanted something different. I wanted something that my girls could take on and off with ease, craft/play/pretend time is huge in this house. I wanted something that didn't involve tying of strings and eventually creating knots. I wanted the fabric to have a vintage/retro vibe.I wanted something that was practical and versatile.

When you can't find exactly what you are looking for ... you... create it. At least for me that is. I finally decided to put my dormant creative mind to work. Since graduating college, with a BS in fashion merchandising, I rarely used my sewing machine. So much so that my dear Husband questioned if I even knew how to use it.

I am grateful for a supportive Husband, family and friends. They make all of this possible.They are amazing and patient "testers" of my products. As well as supporting me in my handful of ventures including Barefoot Books. I am blessed to be able to do what I love. To be able to raise our children and show them that you can be a strong,independent business woman, no matter the location. That is truly a gift from Heaven."


Want It? Click here to shop. 10% off custom orders placed through the 'order' page of site and with instock fabric chosen from the 'fabric gallery' on the 'catalogue' page. You also must include the code TGCBLOG10. Expires March 31st 2010. Enjoy!


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