Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Monday!


Happy Monday ya'll! Don't know about where you are at, but we have had DAYS of freezing temps...pretty uncommon here in the South! The lake behind my house is entirely frozen for the 1st time in the 7 years I have lived here! Must say I am not used to driving on this ice! And spent an entire day yesterday w/o phone or internet. It actually was kinda time to hone my Wii playing skills! LOL!

Well, enough of my jabbering and down to bizness. For the 1st time in a LONG time I had over 100 entries in a giveaway! I always wonder if that's bad thing I don't have tons of entries on all of my giveaways. Does that mean lack of readers? Does that mean my blog isn't all about giveaways? I know what it does mean. A better chance for those of you who do enter to win! :) Anywho-the 3 winners of the Overnight Bags from Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone are # 26 Appleseed Gifts, #115wgbc1446 , and #152 Summer. Congrats!

I know some people who still have their Christmas tree up (gasp!), and no, it is not me! Are you one of those? Well, make way cuz Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Was reminded of that when my Martha Stewart Living mag came in the mail yesterday w/ a pretty chocolate heart on the cover. I always fold down pages of ideas I find in magazines, that I intend to try some day....and never get around to it. Do you do that? Well, here is a way of doing that online. I browse ideas I like, share them w/ you, and usually never get around to it!'s fun to look anyway, right? I saw some of these on Tip Junkie...

Something cute & crafty from Craft Girl...

Reminds me of a Birthday Card my sister made for my daughter out of a brown paper sack, which I can't find pics of...grrr.

From Hairstyles for Girls.Wowzers...this takes skills ya'll!
Got some crafty Valentine's Day ideas to share? Email me please! :) And a big thanks for stopping by The Gift Closet today! :)
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