Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday's Feature


I received an email from Erin of Vinyl Gifts & More a few weeks ago. She shared her site with me & being a big fan of Vinyl products, I would like to for you to check out Vinyl Gifts & More too! Vinyl Gifts & More offers all types of craft ideas for Vinyl products, custom orders, pre-designed vinyl, etc.

Erin's inspiration:
"I was doing very well with my blog but my kids are getting older and activities are more demanding. I was wishing I had some help with the business. My mom was wanting to find something to do from home. She has worked for years as an internet customer service agent and knew some basics about websites. Together we decided to open the website ( and work together. I love to create and she is finding it fun and exciting to be working on her own site doing fun crafts. We both love people and doing fun yet more classy crafts. We also enjoy sharing our love with others. My beginning focus was with Super Saturday ideas. I found it hard to find nice and yet somewhat easy things to do for Super Saturday and that is when I started my We still focus on the Super Saturday but now are moving beyond into home decorating, crafts, and even gifts to go that are finished projects customers can buy. We will also be available for other customers to post things they have made in our gifts to go section as an avenue for them to sell what they have created. We are still loading our products onto the site and will have so many more than my blog site. We are still under construction in a few of the areas of the site but we hope customers will feel free to email us with any questions at We decided to go ahead and launch the site anyway. I am currently having some give aways on my blog site to encourage people to go over to our new website."

Want It? Click here to shop. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.

Thanks for reading The Gift Closet & see you Monday. I'm super excited to be kicking off my 2nd annual Christmas @ The Gift Closet on Monday!!!


The Gosfam said...

Thanks for sharing!! I love vinyl lettering crafts--so fun and cute. Can't wait until Monday.

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

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