Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lyla Lou's


Please check out the adorable new button on my sidebar...Lyla Lou's! Lyla Lou's offers flower, bow, baby, & specialty headbands as well as flower clips. You will enjoy looking at their fun & colorful site & products!

Lizzy and Chelsea Staffieri are both stay-at-home moms & the owners of Lyla Lou's . They have enjoyed finding a project that allows them to have a creative outlet & share their creations.

Where is Lyla Lou's located? Based in southern California, including Orange County and San Diego County.

How was Lyla Lou's created?Lizzy & Chelsea started off making hair accessories for their girls, hoping to make something that was a little different and better quality than what is already out there. Lizzy & Chelsea got so excited about what they were making, they started selling them to friends and family nearby. From there, the products started to sell themselves.

Lyla Lou's is named after Lizzy's daughter. Lyla has an undiagnosed neurological disorder causing her to be developmentally disabled. She has been an inspiration to the business, as well as a huge blessing to the whole family.

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