Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday's Feature


My Friday's Feature today is Lacey from Strawberry Pearl Studios. Lacey has a slew of cool vinyl creations on her site, strawberrypearl. She has onesies, plaques, plates, & much more! Some things I never knew you could put vinyl on! Check out this cute stuff!

Lacey's inspiration:
"I started strawberrypearl studios (my name is kind of crazy, it's all lowercase and strawberrypearl is one word, lots of people have fun figuring out how to spell it...) about a year and a half ago. After the birth of my second baby, I needed a little something where I could express my creative self but also be with my kids. When I purchased my vinyl machine, pushing that "proceed to check out" button was a huge step, but I've never looked back. It gave me the opportunity to pull out of that new mommy slump and got the creativity juices flowing again. We are expecting our third baby now and I'm learning to balance business with being a mommy. I love being a mom, it is so fun to watch our boys discover new things about the world around them each day. I love that so many moms have been able to create home based businesses, allowing them to express their creative flair but also be what their children need them to be.

As, for my vinyl creations...I've learned there are two types of vinyl: mass production and custom pieces. I LOVE making custom pieces. I will often get emails with people's ideas, interests, or events that they need a gift for. From the info they provide I am able to create a custom piece that expresses their feelings towards the person they are giving the gift to. Having something made especially for the person in mind, makes gift giving and receiving that much more fun and meaningful.
I recently added t-shirts and onesies to my repertoire. Vinyl isn't just for the walls anymore, why not wear your favorite design?
People can email their orders to me at"

Want It?

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