Monday, September 21, 2009

Etsy Site Owners


Hope you all had a great weekend! We are drenched with rain here, but we need it!

A while back I asked the question, what do you want to see more of on The Gift Closet? Thanks to those who gave me their opinions & ideas! One of you said you'd like to see more Etsy sites featured. Here's my problemo. I used to send lots of notes to etsy site owners & never got replies. I would love to feature more etsy sites here on The Gift Closet...but how can I get in touch w/ them? If you have an idea for that...or if you are or know an Etsy site owner who would like to be featured, do a giveaway, etc. on The Gift Closet...please get in touch with me! You can click on my "Contact" button at the top of the page to email me, or leave a comment here. Thanks ladies!!!

Grab this button:
The Gift Closet


Amy said...

We'd be interested in doing a giveaway. Check out our Etsy shop.

welovetucker said...

I am an etsy site owner and i would love to be featured. You can contact me at

Amy said...

This is Amy again from Two Florida Girls...just realized I didn't leave you an email address to get ahold of us. :)

twofloridagirls AT gmail DOT com


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