Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday's Tip


Today I would like to share a tip from Jazmin over @ Creatively Inclined Moms. She sent me her ideas for a "Green" Baby Shower and here they are in her own words.

This will set the tone for everything about the shower. I would make a simple card with some recycled cardstock or use an electronic invite like evite.com. It's super easy and you save on paper!

The Shower itself:
I would do a luncheon for some of your closest friends, this is great because you actually save on your energy just by doing the shower during the day and not using lighting in the room or better yet hosting the shower outside, but I would NOT recommend this if you are in Texas because it's REALLY hot right now! (I would have to add that it would not be good in Georgia either! LOL...)
For the food, I would do some finger foods with organic ingredients. Maybe do, some tortilla wraps, fruit and some vegan cupcakes for dessert.

I would do a simple tablecloth with a nice runner to add so pizzaz and maybe let the fruit be the decor for the table. Ask guest not to wrap gifts. It's earth friendly and save $$$ too! Since, you can't control what your guests gift you try setting up a baby registry at babies r us, they have great green baby products or just do a recycled theme for the shower and ask your guests to bring a gently used item they have used with their babies and have them share a memory of that item with you.

Shower games:
I personally HATE shower games. I think they are corny. Instead, do an activity such as getting some small pots and flower seeds and have your guests decorate the pot with some chalkboard paint and have them write a wish for your baby on the pot and plant the flower for your baby's garden. Anyway, I'm planning one for my friend and will be doing all these things.

Thanks for sharing the tips Jazmin!!

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