Monday, July 20, 2009

So Bella Creations


Happy Monday! First of all I would like to announce the winner of the signed copy of Jeanne Winter's book, "Inspirational Home" is #38 purango Congrats!

Having a boy and a girl I can appreciate certain things about each sex. With a girl it's so fun to shop for them cuz there are so many pretty clothes, bows, accessories out there for them. Boys have cute stuff too, but they get to a certain age where "cute" isn't so "cute" anymore! LOL....And as far as the hair. I like it cuz I can let my daughter's hair grow & she doesn't really need a lot of hair cuts unless I want to keep it short. My son, on the other hand, has to have hair cuts about once a month. So where am I going with all this hair talk? Well, Candy over @ So Bella Creations, has sent me a a couple of bows & a hair clippie to check out and I wanted to share a little about her with you!

At So Bella Creations you will find bows, headbands, clippies, and pony o's. Here is what inspired this Mom-prenuer to start her business:

"My daughter Isabella. Who at the time was 1 1/2. We started buying hair accessories at a local boutique. The only bows I could find were solid colored bows. And all the bows were attached to alligator clips. Which we lost all the time. In all of my shopping I couldn't find any stripes or polka dots. And lets face it you can only use so many shades of solid pink bows. So I started checking out ribbon places online. I started out by making the bows just for her. Then a lot of people were asking me where I bought the bows. From their interest in the bows when Isabella would wear them is what started the business. I didn't open up a online shop until after my second daughter was born. "

My daughter sporting the pink & green polka dot bow. Love it!

What I liked about these bows & hair clippie:
1. So cute!!!
2. Quality made & she has lots of fun ribbon to choose from.
3.Reasonably priced.
4. Cute & professional packaging.

What I didn't like about So Bella Creations:
1.My daughter has fine hair so most clips don't stay in. I was quite impressed this one did! So, no negatives for me on So Bella Creations! :)

Want it? Click here to view her blog. Or click here to view her etsy shop.

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