Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday-Summer Fun!


With only 6 days of school left & my daughter's Kindergarten graduation last night, I am already thinking of ways to keep the kids entertained this summer.

Here are 10 things we do in the summer:

1. The pool! They love it, need I say more?
2. The free movies. In our town there is a movie theater that offers free movies each week. Love it!
3. Indoor playgrounds with all the inflatable equipment. Just be careful if you are acting like a kid again on the jump thingies that you don't jam your thumb like I did last year...ouch!
4. The park on a cool morning.
5. Playdates galore.
6. Our local library offers lots of fun programs during the summer. Check out your local library!
7. I plan to go to a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings where the kids can enjoy playing with their friends while I get spiritually fed.
8. Playdates & lunch @ McDonald's, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A...wherever there is an air-conditioned indoor playground! ;)
9.Vacation Bible School. Here in the Bible Belt we have a church every week that does VBS! We won't be doing them all, but there certainly is a lot to choose from!
10. Go to the local zoo, aquarium, or kid's museum.

So, got any big plans this summer?

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These are the Stamps of Our Lives said...

Found you via Tip Junkie... thanks for sharing your Top Ten Summer Fun Ideas... Don't cha just love summer?

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