Friday, May 8, 2009



I am proud to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Sheila Rich, from Snappables!

Here you can shop for clothing, headbands, lunch bags, and tote bags with interchangeable snaplets. "Snaplets" are handmade decorated felt pieces with snaps on the back of them, making them one of a kind and letting you mix and match with the rest of your outfit.

The interchangeable snaps are made of 100% wool felt, which lasts longer and is more durable than the regular felt you find in stores.
They're fun too! Kids have as much fun snapping and clicking Snappables on and off as they do wearing them. They also make great gifts.

Onesies, tee-shirts, headbands, tote bags, and lunch bags all come with 2 snaplets. You can purchase them individually as well.

What a unique & fun idea!

Click here to shop at Snappables!


Krystyn said...

Those are too cute. You always find the neatest stuff, Heather!

Leslie said...

What a cute idea, I like the lunch bags and totes.

Cadance said...

That is WAY TOO cute...I SOOO want those...the lunch tote is great!

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