Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday


I came across an advertisement in a magazine (prolly Parenting) for Ragu this past summer. It had lots of great ideas about dinner at the table with family & I wanted to share some we have been using.
Dinnertime can be un-pleasant around my house at times with a VERY picky 6 year old, and a 2 year old who likes to mimic her! So, in order to make our mealtimes more enjoyable, I started a little "game" we play at dinner. I created a bowl of questions to pass around the dinner table with conversation starters like, "Say something nice about the person sitting next to you", or "Share your favorite thing that happened today." My daughter likes to help me think of other questions to add to the bowl, and she especially likes to add jokes to the bowl & see who can guess the answers.
Just thought I'd share this little tidbit that has made our mealtimes together as a family more enjoyable! Have a great day and see you tomorrow for Friday's Feature!

And BTW....I was SO honored that one of my favorite blogs gave me an award last week...Kari & Kijsa. Click here to view it. Thanks ladies!!!!!
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greeneginger said...

Thats a cute idea! Mealtime is a time to be close and your little extras are sure to make it special:)

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