Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's Feature - Kiki and Lele & a Winner is Announced!


Before I introduce you to a Leslee and Kacey from Kiki and Lele, I would like to announce the winner of the "The Gift of Christmas" DVD and a Really Woolly "Baby Jesus is Here" Book from
The winner is # 42 Joanne Major

Congrats! Please feel free to snag my "I Won @ The Gift Closet" button and wear it proudly on your blog! Thank you to DaySpring for a great gvieaway and to all 118 of you who entered! Don't forget to use your discount code, CLOSET25, when shopping at for 25% off and FREE shipping for orders over $40!

When I originally stumbled upon Kiki and Lele they were making Hand-Stamped Jewelry. I love their beautiful creations! And now recently they have added bows clips and buckets too!

I just love their hand made products. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

If you are a regular Gift Closet reader(many hugs and thanks if your are!) you have noticed I always ask what inspired the person I am featuring to start their business. I just love learning about what inspires people! Here is their reply:

"Kiki & Lele is a company created by Kacey Randolph and Leslee Phillips. It is based on the foundation of our mutual love for jewelry, our love and commitment to our families and our commitment to charitable contributions. This is a company that started out with a simple conversation. We are moms, sisters, daughters, friends. We’re just like you. We both have the type of life that we like to describe as “happy chaotic.” We both have toddlers and Kacey has twins as well, need we say more?

We want to create jewelry that inspires you, because when you are inspired you can do amazing things. When you have a fire of inspiration beneath you, it is contagious. We would be honored if one of our pieces gave you that type of energy, or at the very least, just made you feel really good every time you wear it.
This company is our prized possession and we feel we are creating a legacy for our families. We are proud of the pieces we create and extreme care and love go in to everything we do. We research each piece and part and try to come up with innovative designs. We only purchase or design pieces that we would wear ourselves."

And if you want to learn about the charity they support please visit their site by clicking here!
So hop on over and visit Kike and Lele and tell them I said hello! If you make a purchase, and tell them you are a Gift Closet reader, you will get 15% off and free shipping on orders over $100. Enjoy!!!

Check out my new button on the left sidebar! You can quickly see all my current giveaways and click on the ones you want to enter. Thanks to Traci my awesome blog designer for helping me with that! Have a great weekend!


Kiki and Lele said...

Thanks so much for the feature, you did a great job!

Lady Nunn said...

This is a beautiful blog, and such a great idea! I have tried commenting on Heather's other site to no avail, I have information on the Preemie Project she asked me about, please email me at for more information on the charity project! Sorry to spam comments, I just don't have an email address! :D

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