Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday's Tip


Welcome to Tuesday's Tip!

Hopefully you won't ever need to use this service, but I did a few years ago & it accomplished exactly what I needed. Ever needed to file a complaint about something? Using the right words and doing so in a professional manner can make a big difference in getting what you want. Fill in the complaint letter template at www.consumeraction.gov (search complaint letter) and show that shoddy manufacture, service provider, or store that you mean business. There's no guarantee you'll get your problem fixed, but at least you'll have a fighting chance! Also, instead of working your way up the chain of command, start @ the top. The head honcho is going to care a lot more about their company than some supervisor.

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Raspberry Lemonade said...

Thank you for sharing that information with us. It always feels better to know your not alone when your in that kind of situation.


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