Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Feature & Discount for Gift Closet readers!


Welcome to Friday's Feature! Today I am featuring Happy Chickadee!

Happy Chickadee is your source for handmade & boutique designer clothing & accessories for little girls ages 0-4. They have clothing, gear, toys, accessories, & gifts.

What sparked my interest in this adorable site is their Organic Clothing Line for kids. These cuties are from Kate Quinn Organics which is a fun and classic (with a modern twist) clothing line.

They also have a few great organic and non-organic booties/gift sets from Mia Joie. These are such stunning baby shower gifts! They are entirely handmade by a mom, and truly exquisite!

How fun are these??

I asked Shari & Amber to share with me what inspired them to start this fun boutique and here is what Shari had to say...

"To answer your question about what inspired us...the answer is definitely our two girls! Amber and I each have a daughter (they are only 11 days apart) and we met when the girls were about 6 months old and we all instantly clicked (both girls just turned 2 a few months ago). We found it so funny how unique each kids personality was and we marveled how Mia adored everything exquisite & pink and Finley was into a more mellow & groovy scene. It was so funny! And as consumate online shoppers we each had a hard time finding things that suited both our kids we decided to search for all those great unique things and bring them all to one online boutique. That's the nutshell!"

Well thanks for sharing with us ladies!

And they have a generous offer of 20% off for Gift Closet readers only!

You will be prompted for the code GiftCloset20 just before checking out.

Have fun shopping at Happy Chickadee!!


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Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Heather, I spaced the other day and was thinking your blog was a boutique blog instead of a review/giveaway blog. I will add your button right now.

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