Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday's Tip-Family Notebook


Need to get organized? I have just the thing for you today! A friend of mine made me this awesome Family Notebook a few weeks ago and it has been a lifesaver for me and all my random papers laying around! She found the idea off a blog somewhere and you can probably find others by doing a google search for them.
It is a 3 ring notebook with pockets in the front and back.
When you 1st open it up there is a clear bag with pens, sticky notes, & highlighters, a 3 ring hole puncher some blank notebook paper behind it.
The 1st section is for Family & Emergency Info, great for sitters, etc. She bought some scrapbooking supplies to make each page different and incredibly cute if I do say so myself!
The next section is for Medical. You know, Dr appts, insurance info, bills, etc. Of course, you can add new folders based on your family's needs and customize it for your family for sports, etc.
This section is for my kids school related items, birthday party ideas, etc. Anything relating to the kids. She also put pockets behind some of the tabs to put things in that are too small for the hole punch.
This is the manly page for my hubby.
Now what Family Notebook wouldn't be complete w/o a "Blog" section. A place to file all those great ideas you have for your blog!

And here are some others I have in my notebook:

Now don't you all wish you had a crafty friend like her? If you decide to make one for yourself, I'd love to see pics!

See you tomorrow for Win It Wednesday!

Also, be sure to see my new addition to The Gift Closet.... Savin' On Saturday!


Traci said...

Heather, I LOVE this idea. My family is going through a move and this is a great place to start collecting those numbers that I am going to need on a daily basis. Not to mention the medical info that could get lost in the move.

I'm on the craft scene right now!!

Jana said...

That is a great idea. Thanks.

Jenn said...

WOW! What an AMAZING friend you have there that would put ALL that time into that notebook for you!

She must be something special! ;)

Well, it looks good if I say so myself!

Roxanne said...

I love it! That is sooooo cute and I love the organization of it!

little wash wash said...

Wow! Great idea! I have seen something similar in stores but they look really boring. I may have to make one myself!

Gina said...


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