Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The opening of The Gift Closet.......


Thanks so much for stopping by The Gift Closet! Do stay tuned as I am just getting started here. The Gift Closet is a place where you can come to find a unique gift, an idea for a gift you could
make yourself...or just to receive a gift. You can receive the gift of laughter, the gift of an idea to better your home life, a new idea or tip, etc.
I have so many talented friends I want a place, besides my personal blog, where I can feature them & the unique things they do. A place where I can share new ideas I've found, new blogs I stumble across & can't live without, etc. And who doesn't love a good giveaway?? I plan to do weekly giveaways & feature lots of creative people! So stay tuned & thanks for stopping by!


Jana said...

Looks like fun. Can't wait for more.

Mandy said...

Fun, fun - who doesn't love gifts, giveaways, creative ideas and shopping!?!?

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