Friday, August 22, 2008

My First Friday's Feature!


Today is my First Friday's Feature. I am so excited to feature my friend, Randi Kelly. My hubby & I have been going to church w/ her for years. She can paint like no other! I've never known anyone who can paint so freely like her. She helped my husband paint both of our children's rooms & they are awesome!
Her work has been in "Romantic Homes" magazine & on the HGTV website.
Randi is a full-time teacher, but friends and family have been on her for years to go into this full-time. I know she's an awesome teacher, but who knows what this artistic girls future holds!
In addition to being an awesome artist, she is one of the most humble people you will ever meet! I briefly told her the other night what I was doing on this blog & that I wanted to feature her. She emailed me some pics. even though she wasn't still sure what for. She even suggested I feature someone else. She is too sweet. :)
Well, enough of the chit-chat...onto the proof!

These are pics. of my son's room. My husband helped her some, but all the creative painting you see in here was done by Randi. Wish you could see her painting up's amazing the detail she does so well! This room was on HGTV's website.
These are some pics. of my daughter's room. This room was also on HGTV's website.

I have to give credit to my Mom for making the pillows, curtains, comforter, & pillow shams for this room. Some lamps she has done.........

The above lamp & material went in this adorable nursery............

Custom table.
More of her art........
Aren't these hand-painted Santas gorgeous?

Does this girl possess some skills or what? ;) Feel free to show us some love & pass this post along or leave a comment!

See you Monday for Make It Monday!


Jenn said...

Randi does an AMAZING job!!!

Gracie better keep that room color for a LONG time!!! :)

Jennifer said...

I've always loved your kids rooms. She is very gifted!

Mandy said...

Aren't we lucky to know this wonderful lady!!!! I'm glad you're showcasing her amazing work!

Parker Family said...

Wow, that is awesome!

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