Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday - The Only Thing Constant is Change


I usually handle change pretty well. In fact, I welcome it.

I get bored easily. Bored with my hair style. Bored with my hair color. Bored with life. Ready for a change.

At the beginning of 2009 I was ready for big changes. Told God I was ready for change in my life, just didn't know what. Little did I know what I was asking for because that year brought huge life changes for us. An unexpected miscarriage, followed by an unplanned pregnancy, and later in the year the birth of our precious 3rd child. We left the church my hubby had attended for over 20 years. My daughter was re-districted to a new school and my middle child started preschool that year. Whew. What. A. Year. 2010 was a year of adjusting to all our new additions and changes. I don't regret any of them and believe God has a plan and had His hand in each and every one of those changes.

And so we see Him working again. This time God has orchestrated a big change for a family that we have become very close to. My sweet friend and I have "done life" together for the past 7 years. Doesn't sound like a long time, but we have been through a lot together during that time. We have went through 3 pregnancies at the same time & a miscarriage at the same time. 3 kids all roughly the same age.

We laugh about the day I went to the Emergency Room for what we thought to be a kidney stone & turned out to be a ovarian cyst rupturing. Later that same day, she was in the ER with a kidney stone herself!

And then there was the time I was trying to purchase a pregnancy test incognito, not wanting to see anyone I knew, trying to get in & out of there as quickly as possible. And who do I run into that was also discreetly trying to purchase a pregnancy test at the same time? My sweet friend!

The long, hot, summers we have spent trying to entertain all 6 kids at the the movies....out to lunch...playdates, etc.

What wonderful memories we have made!

But this week I am sad. I know God has a plan. His ways are higher than ours. He knows what is best for us. He knows what we need before we even know it. Those truths bring me comfort. But I, and my family, are sad because these dear friends of ours are moving 2,200 miles away to California this week.

2,200 miles away.

Why couldn't it be 20, or 200 miles away? 2200 miles? Seriously??


One thing I have learned is that the only constant in change.

If you don't like something, hang on.... cuz it will change. 100% guaranteed.

Even though we are sad, I am praying God will bring them a smooth transition. I know they are excited for this new adventure and I would be too. I know we will still see them. Thank God for things like Skype, right? So, when I think about how sad we are to see them go, I need to remind myself of what I have learned.

Just hang on tight....cuz change is a'comin! :)


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