Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fogless Shower Mirror Review


A while back we purchased a small mirror to hang in the shower for the hubby to use for shaving. It fogs up often and is quite small. So, when I received the opportunity to review this Fogless Shower Mirror from Toilet Tree Products, I was quite excited!

What we like about it:
1. This product has been designed for both men and women to use in the shower and it is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.
2. It will not fall off the wall as you actually use a soft silicone adhesive to attach it to the wall. I am not sure how easily it removes as I did not attempt that.
3. It will adhere to tiles, slate, and fiberglass.
4. Currently the number one selling product in the beauty products on!
5. Love the fact that it is adjustable!
6. We also like that it has a handy shelf just big enough for your razor, tweezers, sponge, etc.
7. Squeegee included to wipe away water drops. How nice is that?
8. Mirror is acrylic, therefore shatterproof!

What we didn't like:
4. You fill a reservoir w/ water to keep it from fogging up. I'm not sure if that will get old after a while, however, you will not a have a foggy mirror, that's for sure!

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