Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday by Emily Farmer


The Best for Last

As I wrote in a past post,a few of my close peeps and I were reading through the book of Proverbs. We finally finished that reading. And I have to admit I really enjoyed reading Proverbs form the beginning chapter to the end chapter. I was reminded of some old verses and found some NEW ones I want to apply and memorize. So here is one of my favorite chapters in the book of Proverbs. Nothing like saving the best for last. This chapter talks about the characteristics of a wife. I just love all that she "is". It teaches us so much so bear with me. One day awhile back when I was reading in this chapter God showed me all of these things so I marked them in my Bible. These are all the things I want to be so God will receive the glory for my life.

Here are my take aways from:

Proverbs Ch. 31

v 11 What a wife is trustworthy and greatly enriches her husband
v 12 -27 list all the things she brings:
12 brings good
14 brings food
15 gets up early, plans her day she's organized (Ahhhh my strong point)
16 buys plants and plants them
17 has energy, she's strong, a hard worker
18 she makes a profit
19 always busy
20 helps others with open arms
21 has no fear
25 strength and dignity, laughter
26 wise words (I want to be a women of wise words)
27 watches over her household (homemaker / housewife)
28 She does all these things and she is praised by her husband and children
30 "a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised" I want to be that woman!!

So where does that leave me now well.... I am planning on doing the Ruth study with Beth Moore via her blog and continue to read thru the Bible with Wendy Pope via her blog. Hopefully that won't be an over load for me. We'll see. I encourage you to stay in HIS word and learn something new every day. Maybe read through Proverbs for yourself in your favorite translation or in a different translation. Or you might consider reading though Psalms. Just a suggestion. Most of all continue to grow your relationship with HIM by having fellowship with HIM and praying and listening daily.

Thanks Emily for sharing! I love that chapter too. You turned me onto the Ruth study by Kelly Minter on Beth Moore's blog & I am loving it. I actually am doing it on my own timetable, but I highly recommend it ladies! :)


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