Friday, May 21, 2010

Discount Eye Wear


I still remember when I was a little girl the first time my vision started going bad. We were on a road trip & I was playing a letter game w/ Mom. I couldn't see any of the signs, they were quite fuzzy. A trip to the eye doctor, & I was in a pair of eyeglasses before I knew it. I started with hideous blue & pink ones, and was so excited when in the 5th grade I got Red Sally Jessy Rapheal ones! LOL.....

I wore nothing but prescription glasses until I was around 20 years old. I tried contacts several times, and finally was able to wear them...yay! What a difference!

I now have 2 pairs of glasses that I wear at night & I wear contacts during the day. I have had many problems getting eye doctors to just give me my prescription so I can just get them at a discount place online. How ridiculous is that? I have gotten great deals on my contacts at both Vision Direct & 1800Contacts online. Of course, I have astigmatism & dry eyes, so I have ended up wearing just about the most expensive ones on the market! Ugh!

If you are looking for glasses online a great place to check out is Glasses USA. You can shop by brand, material, gender, and the list goes on! Gift Closet readers can get 10% off your next purchase at Glasses USA! Simply use the code mommy10 when prompted during your next purchase of prescription glasses!

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