Monday, March 22, 2010

Mango Beef Jerky anyone?


Sounds like a unique flavor, eh? Well it certainly caught my attention as well & did not disappoint. I had the yummy privilege of trying some new flavors of Beef Jerky from Spencer's Jerky this week. They offer a wide variety of jerkys, including fruits & Turkey Jerky!

The 2 flavors I tried were the Mango Beef Jerky & the Orange Beef Jerky.
What I liked about the Mango Beef Jerky:
1. I like that both products come in a resealable package.
2. Moist, despite the fact the it's jerky!
3. Love the smoky, sweet mango, yet spicy flavor of this!

What I didn't like about the Mango Beef Jerky:
1. It was a little on the spicy side for me, but if you are looking for a jerky w/ a kick, you'll love it!!

What I liked about the Orange Beef Jerky:
1. Good source of protein.
2. Nutrition facts displayed on the label of this resealable package.
3. Not as spicy as the Mango, but can def taste the orange flavor.

What I didn't like about the Orange Beef Jerky:
1. I prefer the Mango over the Orange, but still a great product w/ fabulous flavor!

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Krystyn said...

I'm sure I would love it...I love beef jerky.

Jessica said...

I love, love, love me some beef jerky! And, I have a boyfriend that loves Turkey Jerky, too!

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