Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Feature


My Friday's Feature for today is Savvy Girl Company. Cdyney creates her own unique & might I add beautiful jewelry! I fell in love w/ her pieces when I saw her site & want to share them with you.

Some of my favorite pieces of hers right now are her new Sunshine Necklace...SO pretty!
And I'm a sucker for these colors!

Cydney's inspiration:
"I am Cydney Dixon and I am the owner and designer of a darling and oh, so savvy handmade jewelry company, Savvy Girl Company.I began SavvyGirl in 2002 after I made the decision to stay at home with my first daughter – Savannah (her nickname is SavvyGirl – she was the pure inspiration to beginning my company).

Creating an ALL ORIGINAL SavvyGirl piece for my clients is the best reward I can think of. I truly love to make my customers happy! For me, having something unique, different and beautiful is what it's all about. My passions are designing jewelry, finding the latest fashion trends at the best possible price and creating delectable foods (that is why we post some of our favorite recipes on Wednesdays).

At SavvyGirl, I don’t’ mass produce, it’s a creative outlet for me. My readers/clients join my “SavvyGirl Daily Fashion Finds” Mon-Friday to have the first chance to see what is new for the day. Each day, I will post between 1- 3 new pieces with some having to be repeated since they are in such hot demand.

I also like to serve my readers in other ways, I get them involved on a lot of different levels, We play, “Name that Piece” – where I post a new piece of jewelry and have my clients suggest a potential name for it. Each one of my pieces don’t leave the studio without a name which makes each piece special and unique – the names we get our so clever and amazing.

I work really hard to give all of my clients a piece that is special and an experience that is worth their time , different and beautiful. And, plus we have a lot of fun over in a little world of SavvyGirl."

Want It? Click here to shop. Cydney is generously offering a 10% off discount with free shipping to you! If you want to place an order, just click in the order section, it will set up an email to her and use the code: "Gift Closet. "

Thank you to all my Gift Closet readers! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have a reason to write to you guys every day!! {{Hugs}}


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