Monday, June 22, 2009

Mom Spit


I gave away a Mom Spit Kit a couple of weeks ago & also had the opportunity to review one. At first I wasn't quite sure how much I would use it, but it has come in handy several times & I love it! I was in a waiting room a couple of weeks ago getting my brakes worked on. I am sure you know that brake & tire places are usually not very clean or child-friendly. Sure enough, my 3 yr old got down in the floor & his hands were black from dirt. Mom Spit to the rescue! I whipped it out, squirted (too much), and his hands were clean as a whistle!

Here is the inspiration behind Mom Spit:
"The inspiration for Mom Spit comes from life, kids and dirt:) Of course, from the original when our mothers tried to clean us up while on the go.
Lucie Hunter and Kim Dixon

Co-Founders MomSpit llc

Lucie Hunter and Kim Dixon have been friends and business associates since 1990. Their careers started in the technology sector and as a team, they traveled throughout the US in sales and marketing capacities working with large retail chains and Fortune 500 companies. They enjoyed career success, starting and growing their families. They've always been great friends.

Their business minds reconnected over a few cosmos by the pool and they decided to create a company they could build together, and a product that they would love and needed. MomSpit was launched in 2007. Being road warriors, businesswomen and adventurers their activities continued with children in tow, and their mutual passion for fabulous bath and body products is legendary.They're connected 24/7 with laptops and blackberries, and MomSpit is always with them."

What I like about Mom Spit:

1. They come in handy 2 oz bottles. Great for travel or your purse.

2. They come in different scents & offer unscented as well.

3. It works!

4. It doesn't take much so the bottle will last a long time.

5. The name is too cute & original!

What I didn't like about Mom Spit:

1. Nothing! It really is a cool product.

Want it? Click here to Shop.

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