Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Handmade Father's Day Gift Ideas


As I mentioned yesterday, I am recovering from Strep Throat (on top of being pregnant), so this is going to be kinda short. I have some great Father's Day Gift Ideas to share with you today!

I actually saw this one over @ Tip Junkie. I loved the Dad picture on the wall. You can check it out at Pampering You.

These are from my friend, Whitney.
"Heres something my 2 sisters and I are doing for my dad this year.
The house we grew up in is where they still live.
We have so many memories in the yards there....so I took pictures of the front and backyard tree and we wrote a "poem" of our combined thoughts.
We're framing them all together."
Last year I found a scrap piece of wood in the garage.
I found pictures of my husband with the kids.
I cut around them to fit like a puzzle and placed them all over the board & used Modge Podge under & over the pics for a glossy look.
In the middle of the board I wrote, We call him "Daddy!"
It hangs on the wall in our bedroom.

Cute ideas & come back tomorrow for more! What are your plans for Father's Day?


Alyssa said...

Way cute! I'll have to see if I can do the Dad photos. It's amazing what people come up with!

Leslie said...

I had some customize tie tacks and keychains made for my dad and father-in-law. My hubby took Fathers Day in his own hands and is going hiking Friday/Saturday so I have yet to come up with a gift for him. Thanks for the ideas.

Shirley said...

Nice post.!! Well, due to my busy schedule I got gift for my dad from Red Envelope.

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