Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day Gift Ideas


More creative Father's Day Gift Ideas.....

Stacey from Thrifty Chick sent me her home-made, personalized family yahtzee game tutorial. How fun & original!
For my hubby's b-day I got him a book of our 2008 blog from Blurb. It may be too late to get one in time, but I highly recommend Blurb.
And here are a few more ideas:
1. Have the kids make him cards. My hubby would love this!
2. Burn a CD of his favorite tunes.
3. Plan a Family Day... whatever he would like to do. Or just some quality family time!
4. Let the kids make him some coupons for free hugs, a car wash, etc. You can find some free printable coupons here: All Free Printables
and here: Coupons
5. Attend a minor league sports game.
6.Plant a tree. Just because it's Father's Day, doesn't mean you can't do something good for Mother Nature. Find a spot in your yard and plant a tree in dad's honor.

I hope you enjoy this Father's Day weekend!

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deepa said...

This blog has helped me a lot in deciding a gift for my brother...great

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Kristin Joy said...

Great ideas! Thanks for the reminder. Well, I just got a cute gift from Things Remembered.

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