Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday's Tip - Chore Chart


If you have kids, chances are, at some point, you have used a chore chart. I used to hand-write one for my daughter, and put stickers for the chores she accomplished. I not only put chores, but things such as, "I shared with my brother today." I didn't lose a ticket at school today."

I recently started looking for a dry-erase chore chart I could change the chores at my discretion. I didn't find one I wanted, but I did come across this site: Goal For It.

It is basically a site where you can pick & choose the chores you want on the chart, add your own, then print it out! Love it, had to share!

Stay tuned, I've got a lot of exciting things going on here @ The Gift Closet this month! Lots of fun posts, tips, & giveaways coming your way! :)

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Spoutin' Out said...

Cute idea. I tried one of these once and still couldn't get my kids to do the work. Urgh. Trust me with two teens and a little one, it still hasn't gotten any better.

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