Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Bachelorette


Any Bachelorette fans here? Well, the 1st time I ever watched it, or was it The Bachelor, I thought, how dumb! A couple of seasons ago I watched The Bachelor because Deanna was on it, and she's from my hometown of Newnan, GA. And sure enough, I was hooked! Then she became the Bachelorette the next season, and I had to watch that as well! How did this happen to me?? LOL......

So last week I watched the Season Premiere of the new Bachelorette w/ Jillian Harris. In the "intro" scene where they were introducing her they had her washing a car...in yellow high heels...and hootchie mama shorts. Seriously, what was that? Do they not realize it's mostly females watching & we really aren't into that? Weird.

So what show are you "accidentally" hooked on?

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Jessica said...

I am, maybe not so accidentally, hooked on The Bachelorette as well. And, the Desperate Housewives of Any City. I can't get enough!

The Stevens: said...

I'm hooked, and hate that I'm hooked:) They never choose the people that are best for them. I've been so disappointed over the years, why don't they just call me and ask who they should be with? Geeze:)

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