Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Warm Welcome to Calypso Studios!


I would like to welcome Calypso Studios, as the newest Gift Closet sponsor. Calypso Studious is a Virginia based jewelry/tote company.They also have been chosen by Secret Room Events to be a part of the Academy Award give-a-ways!

Calypso Studios is a new company that has taken inspiration from mother nature and created products that encompass a relaxed and vibrant lifestyle. They are constantly moving forward and challenging themselves with new designs and accessories, creating beautiful pieces that everyone can enjoy.

Want It? Click here to shop with Calypso Studios! You can also visit them by clicking on their button on my right sidebar, or visit them on my "Need A Gift?" Page!

Click here to visit all 4 giveaways going on now @ the Gift Closet!

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