Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Launching A Business


Welcome to my Launching a Business Series! Click here to read what it is all about.

This is week 9 & here is what we have discussed so far:

1. Researching your product to see if there is a market for it.
2. How to price your product.
3. Finding time to work from home with small children.
4. The different venues to sell your products: retail, wholesale, consignment, etc.
5. Making & selling your product.
6. Exposing your business to local media.
7. Selling on the Internet.
8. Money

This is the last week for this series. Hope it has helped you in some way! :)

10 tips for Launching A Business:
1. Take advantage of free or inexpensive advertising, especially in this current economy. Giveaways are a cheap way to promote your business & quite popular in the blog world right now. You can write off the product on your taxes as well. Here @ The Gift Closet I offer 7 ways to promote your business, several of which are free! Email me if you are interested.
2. Make your customers happy. Provide great customer service & people will spread the word about your business...for you. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising! Be kind & keep your word.
3. Network! Need I say more? Twitter, Facebook, chat rooms, you get the picture.
4. Find a Mentor. It's always helpful to find someone in the industry to get advice from. Finding someone in another state or region who won't feel like you are in competition with is best.
5. Email customers once a month with new products &/or specials. Reminding them of your presence will hopefully make them think of you next time they need something!
6. Know your competition. You can get great ideas from your competitors. Don't copy them, but staying abreast of the current products out there will keep your ideas fresh as well.
7. Persistence is key in sales.
8. Bartering products for advertising or other services can save you money(I'm open to that by the way ~wink, wink ~).
9. You have to believe in what you are selling to be able to sell it. If you aren't confident in your product, your customers will see that.
10. Love what you do! That will show through as well.

Hope you have enjoyed this series & be sure to check me out at Mom Blog Mania!

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Jessica said...

Those were VERY helpful! Thank you for the advice!

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