Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Huggable Hangers


First I want to say congrats to Cadance, lucky number 4, who won the Chandelier Vinyl Wall Art from Scribble It on Mamalicious Monday yesterday! And congrats to #10, Loni, who shared a great airplane cake recipe on Mamalicious Monday. She won the Flower Medley Hostess Gift Set from Leslie @ Celebrating Home!

Several months ago a friend of mine was telling me how she re-did her entire closet with Huggable Hangers & loved them. I had never heard of them before. So, I was very excited when Huggable Hangers contacted me to do a review!!

I received my purple (they have lots of fun colors to choose from) Huggable Hangers last week & my hubby & I both are enjoying them!

What I like about Huggable Hangers:
-They are wide enough to keep your clothes form sliding off.
-They are covered in velvet to keep your clothes in place.
-Sturdy enough to hold just about anything.
-They are thin in design, allowing more closet space...woo hoo!
-And my favorite thing about these hangers is that they don't leave that ugly pooch in the shoulder! You know what I'm talking about? When you hang a sweater and take it off the hanger to find a little pooch in each shoulder that you then have to wet to get it to lay flat? My husband & I have numerous sweaters that we just have to fold because of that. But the Huggable hangers did not do that to our sweaters...yay, I'm sold! ;)

What I did not like about Huggable Hangers:
Honestly there is nothing I really did not like. The only deterrent for some might be the cost. Otherwise, go get 'em! ;)

A few facts about Huggable Hangers:
The Huggable Hanger is Home Shopping Network's #1 selling product & is quickly becoming a favorite among celebrities & stylists. They are velvet covered, thinly designed, sturdy, with chrome hooks. Joy Mangano is the mastermind behind these hangers.

Some of Joy's organization tips:

· Photograph all pairs of shoes and glue the picture to the outside of the shoe box for easy access

· Invite an honest friend over to help you toss those jeans you can't let go of from the 80s or the sweater your ex-boyfriend gave you last Christmas

· Store out-of season items in bins on the bottom of your closet to create more space for in-season pieces

· Fold all items that aren't easily wrinkled (jeans, sweaters) and place on shelves in color-coded sections

· Install hooks on the inside of your closet doors to hang belts, scarves, and even costume jewelry necklaces that are too bulky to store in a jewelry box

· Adhere click lights on the walls of your closet to create extra lighting- just peel and stick!

· Replace all wire and wooden hangers with Huggable Hangers to create a uniform look and triple the amount of space!

Want it? Click here to shop.

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Jessica said...

That sounds great to me! I know exactly what you mean about the "pooch". I get that in a lot of my light weight shirts...looks like you have a third & forth...well, you know...placed randomly on your shoulders!

Haha. Can't believe I just said that to you, but I do usually think that in my head! :)

Krystyn said...

Those sound perfect for some of my shirts that keep falling off the hangers!

Prpldy said...

They sound great! Thanks for the tips too!

michelle said...

Do the hangers actually tell your husband to use them!?! That's what I need :)

AuBien said...

Thank you for the closet tips!

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