Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday's Tip-Selling Your Product


First, to announce the winner from Mamalicious Monday....#10 colleen_mouse...congrats and thanks to all who played!!! :)

Welcome to the 5th week of my "Launching Your Business" series! Click here to learn more about it.

The things we have talked about the last couple of weeks are:
1. Researching your product to see if there is a market for it.

2. How to price your product.

3. Finding time to work from home with small children

4. Last Tuesday we talked about the different venues to sell your products: retail, wholesale, consignment, etc.

So,now that you have researched the market for your product,priced it, and decided what venues you will choose to sell your product.....

The next step is to start making and selling your product! This is the most exciting part to me....introducing your product/business to the world! Of course, the 1st thing to do it order your supplies and make a few samples. Again, be sure you compare prices on your supplies. Don't just order from the 1st supplier you come across. Look for local suppliers as well so you can save on shipping and time.

So you have ordered your supplies, and made a few samples. I like to start by maybe giving a few samples out to family & friends to get feedback and get the word out.

You will need to take some quality pictures of your products(s) as well. What I do is take some good pics of the product and compose an email to send out introducing your product and a picture.

Tips for your introduction email:
1.Don't overload the email with too many pics.
2. Remember, first impressions are everything, so make sure you are saying everything you need to, have a good picture of the product, and do your spell check!
3. Introduce the product itself, write about the benefits of it, list the price, include a picture, and ask for the order.
3.If you have people that have already tried it and have positive comments, you can share those.
4. Keep it brief, because people won't want to (nor do they have time to, think about how many emails you get per day) read a lengthy email.
5. Wrap it up by telling them how to order. For example, "Email me or call me at..... to place your order today!" Or: "Hop on over to my website at www.....com to order yours today!"

You may or may not get orders with that first email. Chances are you will get at least one. Persistence is key and by sending out monthly emails with specials...you are basically reminding them about your product. It may take a while to catch on, but persistence pays off!

I hope this has helped you in Launching Your Business and if you have any subjects you want me to write about, please email me or leave a comment here! Thank you for reading and supporting The Gift Closet!!!


Bobbi Lee said...

I love reading all your tips and advice! Please keep them coming!

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